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We are glad that you are visiting our new Internet presence. As a modern enterprise, we also wish to provide you all information concerning SAUEREISEN CEMENTS and their applications online.

We have been selling Sauereisen Cements in Germany since 1977; and since then we have also expanded our business and sell the cements in other countries including Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland.

Our major task is to provide customers with technical advice and find a suitable solution for their application of Sauereisen Cements. We are also happy to advise our customers locally and provide free samples.

So please visit us again soon!

In the meanwhile, you can contact us on the phone at +49-7031-27-3026. You may also fax us at +49-7031-27-7874. We will, of course, also be glad to receive an email from you, which can be sent to the following address:

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