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Chemically Set Cements

Chemically-setting materials harden within 24 hours through an internal chemical process and require no air, heat or water supply for optimum strength and properties.

Sauereisen Cement No. 8
Non-corrosive, chemically-setting zircon base cement. Suitable for casting, sealing and bonding at places where high electric insulation values and thermal shock resistance are required. Hardens at room temperature to a porcelain-like material and can withstand temperatures up to 1426°C.
Sauereisen Cement No. 13
Inorganic, chemically-setting zircon base cement with longer potlife. Suitable for casting and bonding of ceramic parts. No. 13 is thermal shock resistant and has high dielectric strength. It can be used up to 1426°C and hardens at room temperature.
Sauereisen Cement No. 29
Inorganic, low-thermal-expansion zircon base material for coating of resistance wires, insulation of thermal elements and covering of coils and resistors. No. 29 shows high resistance against electricity, chemicals and thermal shock. It hardens on glass, porcelain, ceramic and other surfaces.
Sauereisen Cement No. DW-30
Inorganic, chemically-setting magnesium oxide base cement. It is suitable for embedding of heating elements, coating of resistors and can be used in place of mica, fibres and other insulating material. No. DW-30 can as well be used safely with electric components.
As the material slightly expands on hardening, it can be used for insulation of feed-through sleeves in explosion-proof components.
Sauereisen Cement No. 33 S
Firmly adherent cement, ideal for coating of moulds and templates for special applications. Heat dissipating when applied as coating inside electric equipment. Used in the bulb industry.

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